Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brrrrrr! Winter is Here

Originally Posted to OGR 12/06/2009

It is a couple of weeks until he official start of winter gets here
but, thanks to a large Canadian air mass, weather – wise it arrived
this weekend. In the bigger scheme of things, this is as it should be.
It makes things seem a little more like Christmas.

The Holidays and Working in Radio

When I was starting my career as a young top 40 DJ, this was always the
busiest time of the year at the station. Like the retailers, the period
between Thanksgiving and Christmas made or broke the bottom line for
the year for the station. We all ran around like madmen, writing copy,
producing and recording commercials. The traffic department was always
pulling the station log out from under me during my show to add more
commercials to the schedule. Sometimes they would be there before the
tape cartridge (cart) that had the commercial on it was placed in the
rack. More than once, I had to ad-lib for a minute until the commercial
was ready. Yes these were crazy times back in the day. Today, with the
current economy, and the advent of programming aids such as the “Scott”
system, carts don’t exist anymore. The press to get commercials to air
unfortunately is not as strong. Yet another reason to want the old day
s back.

The station I worked for had a 24/7 operating schedule so many of us
worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The station was usually pretty
deserted and on those days I was usually alone in the studios. Rarely
was I lonesome, my audience saw to that. The request line was
constantly ringing with folks calling in warm wishes. I realized way
back then, that a radio station was more than consoles, transmitters
and DJs, the audience is as much a part of a radio station as those of
us who are on my side of the microphone. Thanks!!!

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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