Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christmas Week

Originally Posted to OGR 12/20/2009

This is it! The week we all waited for as kids, the week that took
forever to get here. All of a sudden we were all being very good. Hey,
we needed to make amends for the rest of the year and get on the “nice”
list. Family was arriving from “far-away places.” The house was full of
uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters. Stories flowed and final
plans were made for the big day. From all of us at Our Generation
Radio, Merry Christmas!

A Magical Night

One of my favorite memories of my college years was an overnight train
ride home for Christmas on a cold December evening. I was a Midshipman
in the Navy ROTC and was traveling in my uniform. A very pretty girl
with blond hair and the biggest blue eyes that I have ever seen decided
that she would sit next to me. I think the uniform did the trick. She
was travelling home too, and she was all full of plans for the holidays
and told me all about them. I responded with tales about my family and
our plans. Folks all around listened to our conversation with smiles on
their faces and soon shared their holiday plans with us. Suddenly she
suggested that we sing Christmas carols, and before you could blink an
eye, the entire coach was filled with the sounds of the season. We
didn’t stop until the train pulled into Union Station in Jacksonville.
I don’t remember her name and I never saw her again but I will never
forget that night and how one girl transformed a group of strangers to
a company of friends going home for Christmas. Was she a college girl,
or a Christmas Angel sent to make a special memory? That is what the
holiday is all about. Oh MY!

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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