Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall Days

Originally Posted to OGR 11/15/2009

The weather is changing; summer is flying south taking along with it
all the sun screen and bikinis, winter is creeping north with all the
lip protector and overcoats it can carry. But in the meantime we are
having beautiful days interspersed with hints of the upcoming gloom. By
now most of the leaves are on the ground waiting for my rake. That will
be a task for this coming week. This weekend, the weather is gorgeous
over most of the country; great for football, tailgating, college
homecomings and families getting ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Looking Forward to Some Snow

Where I live, snow is a pretty rare occurrence. We get measurable snow
only every couple of years and usually it doesn't stick on the ground
more than a day. The long range weather forecast is calling for a
cooler and wetter winter in my neck of the woods. So I am looking
forward to seeing snow again. (Please, let it be snow, not ice! Those
are memories I’d just as soon not reinforce!) Down here, we are not
prepared for winter weather, there are a few sand and salt trucks but
no snow clearing equipment. I remember back in the ‘70s we had 14 – 17
inches of snow fall and the entire state was paralyzed for over a week.
Fortunately, there were very few power outages. We did execute the time
honored southern tradition of running out to the store and buying milk,
bread and eggs. We always do that, but nobody can tell me why. We just
do! Oh MY!

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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