Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Originally Posted to OGR 10/25/2009

Growing up, Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. I
remember working on my costume with care, planning each minute detail.
Never a “store bought” costume for me. I put every ounce of creativity
into the creations I developed each year. As the bewitching date grew
closer, my anticipation grew higher. I couldn’t wait for dark to run
out into the neighborhood under the baleful eye of the full moon. It
was magic somehow. It wasn’t about plundering the streets for their
sweet bounty; it was about the freedom of escaping the everyday life of
a school boy and becoming something not quiet real. My imagination ran

Today’s Halloweens Can’t Match Ours!

But today it is not the same. Now Halloween is not an imaginary night,
full of fictitious ghosts and goblins. Today’s Halloween brings real
fears of needles and razor blades in holiday treats, kids going missing
or worse. Parents can no longer afford to let their kids go out into
the night free and unfettered to pass the ritual of All Hallows Eve on
their own. Just last year, in a town near me, a 12 year old was gunned
down because the person in the house thought someone was trying to
break in. The shooter, an ex-con, emptied his AK-47, shooting at least
29 times through his front door, walls and windows after hearing the
knock. The victim’s family attended a Halloween celebration in downtown
Sumter, 45 miles east of Columbia, then stopped at the house because
the porch light was on, police said. Another sibling was with them, but
wasn't hurt. The victim’s 9-year-old brother, and their father, were
injured but were released after being treated at a hospital. This is a
sad example of another joy of our youths that has been taken away by
modern times. Oh MY!

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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