Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memories of Past Falls

Initially published 09/06/2009

Summer is my favorite season but fall is a close second. The pace of
life picks up and we start looking forward to the busy holiday season.
Even the sand-lot sports we used to play in my neighborhood picked up
pace. Slow paced baseball gave way to tag football. I really enjoyed
those unorganized, pickup games we used to play. I think they had to be
more fun than the organized sports that the kids play today. I found
out the other day that we played on the same fields in the Lake Shore
neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida that the University of Florida
quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow played on 30 years
later. That made me realize those schoolyards and fields link thousands
of boys (and some girls) together over the decades. Ah, the fabric of
life has a special weave.

Music in the Fall

Of course, the social side of life picked up in the fall too. Dances
and parties several times a month were the norm. Boys and girls
actually danced together back then. While DJ’ing parties and weddings
in recent years and observing the crowd, I have come to the conclusion
that young folks don’t dance the way we used to. As I said the other
day to a friend, “The girls wiggle and the boys ogle!” I think they are
missing the thrill of finally holding that special girl that you have
had your eye on for a while in your arms for the first time on the
dance floor. It is not lost on me that the older folks at today’s
parties enjoy dancing with each other more (yes they still do it) than
whatever the younger folks do. You can see it on their faces! Hey, Mr
DJ, play another “belly-rubber!” Oh my, yes!

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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