Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering the Anticipation

Originally posted to OGR 12/13/2009

When I was a kid, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were the
slowest moving of the year. Time seemed to stand still as we completed
the last school days before the Christmas Holidays. The wrapped
presents from family were under the tree and my brothers, sister and I
spent the time trying to guess what was in them. The house was filled
with the odors of Christmas as Mom scurried around the kitchen baking
up all the traditional holiday specialties.

When I was in high school, this was THE social time of the year.
Everyone was throwing parties. Added to the rich layer of family
parties, were the ones thrown by my classmates. There was lots of time
for those “belly rubbers” out there on the dance floor. I was in my
high school band, and we were rehearsing all my Christmas favorites,
getting ready for the big Christmas concert that led the transition
from the marching band in the fall to the concert band in the spring.
This was also the break after the Fall cross country season: the big
finale, the state “meet” was usually held in late November. So my
running shoes were sitting in the closet waiting for Spring and track
season. The radio stations, WAPE and WPDQ, the coolest ones on the
dial, were adding all those neat Christmas songs to the mix. Life was

Another Great Idea

Over the past year, I have become aware that many of
our listeners believe that they must be using their computers while
listening to OGR. This is no longer true. There are a couple of great
options to spreading the soundtrack of our lives around the house. The
least expensive one is to hook your stereo up to your computer. Simply
connect your headset jack up to the AUX input on your stereo. You will
be amazed at how good it sounds, especially if you are listening to the
high bandwidth stream. A more elegant method is to purchase an internet
radio. These devices can be placed anywhere in your home and connect to
your WI-FI LAN. This way you can enjoy the station with no computer
turned on. The radios are becoming less expensive and more easy to use
every day.

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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