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Originally Posted to OGR 11/22/2009

This is the week that “over the hill and around the woods to
Grandmother’s house we go”. What scenes flood my memories! I come from
a large family with 27 first cousins, so you can imagine what our
Thanksgivings were like. Back in the day, most of us lived in the same
city so our families took turns hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas and
Easter celebrations. Extra card tables were set up, the host family
prepared the turkey, dressing and gravy and everyone else brought
veggies and dessert. There were usually some visitors at the table and
the conversations (usually several at the same time) were loud and rich
with the telling and retellings of family stories and learning new
stories. Several of my uncles and one of my aunts were in the military
service during the Second World War, so interspersed in the family
stories were tales of historical events in faraway places.

Second Generation

As my cousins and I grew older, we began adding our own stories to the
fabric of the family tapestry. The older generation would often fall
victims to the effects of tryptophan and nod off after presenting their
well worn stories. My generation’s military stories were of Vietnam and
the Cold War military service on the high seas. But added to that were
our own adventures in family life and business careers. Some of us had
moved away, but we returned to the gatherings every year. These trips
back home kept the family bonds warm and strong. As my generation began
having kids of our own, these family gatherings became less universal
and more centered on smaller family units. But I will always remember
and cherish those gatherings of yesteryear.

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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