Sunday, July 24, 2011

There Is a Nip in The Air

Originally Posted on OGR 10/11/2009

Where I live, October is a month of change; it finally turns cool, the
leaves turn and fall and is filled with the sounds and smells of the
State Fair. As a young adult, I never missed a state fair, often going
several times during its 10 day run. I remember during my days as a top
40 radio disk jockey for WCOS back in the 60s, the station often
received free tickets and press credentials to the Fair. So my buddy
Eddie and I would go to the fair for lunch and feast on funnel cakes
and Polish Sausage then come back and revel in the culinary experience
to our audiences. I think the fair promoters got their money's worth
out of us.

Decades of State Fairs

Later, as technology improved, we came back with truckloads of
equipment and we broadcast live radio programs for WIS Radio from the
Fair. When the mini-cams came for television in the 70s we did
“cut–ins” during the evening newscasts at WIS TV. During the 80s, when
I worked for South Carolina Educational Television, we did hour-long
programs from the Fair. In the 90s, I left broadcasting but not the
Fair; SC State Government was wiring all the public schools for high
speed internet and we were engaged in a public education program about
how to use the internet – so we set up a large booth so the state
agencies could demonstrate their internet capabilities to the public
who would soon be using them over the World Wide Web. Yup – more funnel
cakes and Polish Sausage! So it comes as no surprise that even now I
hear the Fair calling me through the crisp, cool air. Oh My!

Copyright 2009 Rick Wrigley

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