Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Times

Posed to OGR 12/19/2010

It is well known that December is a busy month for shoppers and retailers, but did you know that it is the busiest time for broadcasters too? I remember like it was yesterday how the production schedules filled up and everyone ran around making sure that the commercials got written, recorded, scheduled and played all on time. There was a lot of pressure to get it right the first time because there was no room in the schedule for "make goods." Back in those days, we were only allowed 18 minutes per hour for "non program" material. That included commercials, public service announcements and promotional announcements. I loved the organized mayhem in a broadcast station in December; Decorations were up, Christmas music was playing, everyone was busy!

If you think office Christmas parties are wild and crazy, just imagine the party when the “office” is a radio or television station. With all that creativity around, the annual party was usually over the top. Someone always came in dressed as an elf or reindeer, and there was usually a skit or two where the management or on air talent was lampooned. Those “end of year” recaps that you see on television are tame compared to the ones that are presented at the Christmas parties. With the large staffs that were common a television stations back in the day, we usually had to rent a large ballroom to accommodate everyone and their families. Radio station parties, although smaller, were no less creative. The worst shift of the year was the one that had to be covered by a skeleton crew during the Christmas party.

From our family at Our Generation Radio to you and your family we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. e.

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