Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is Spring Over Yet

We were lucky in my neck of the woods; we had some damage in my city from spring thunderstorms, but not the violent weather that many have seen in other places in the country. We are settling into a summertime weather pattern now. The skies are getting hazy and the temperatures are reaching into the 90s. School is out, the public swimming pools are open and the roar of power boats has returned to the lakes in the area. 

Years ago, summer concerts were fairly rare, only one or two a summer, usually on the Fourth of July, but now they are happening everywhere. There seems to be almost a tribal drive for people to gather out of doors, under a starlit summer sky to enjoy some entertainment. It makes me wonder if summer concerts are a response to something that has all but disappeared from the American Scene, the drive in theater. Oh MY!

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