Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prom Season

Posted to OGR on 03/28/2010

As I drive past high schools around town, I see notices about the upcoming Junior/Senior Proms, and that takes me tripping down the pathways of my memories to that special time for me so many years ago. I was not “going steady” in High School, so prom season was both wonderful and scary at the same time. Nothing was set in stone. I was fortunate to find two perfect dates for my two proms. Even though I haven’t seen either in over 40 years, they remain clear in my memories; Pat (Junior Year) and Elaine (Senior Year) two great ladies who made great wives for two lucky guys!

I soon found out that selecting the right girl and asking her to go to the prom is only the first step. Next, there was getting fitted for my tuxedo. Next was arranging transportation, “Dad, can I borrow the car for my prom?” No, I did not have my own car, this was the ‘60s. Getting the corsage, making reservations for dinner before the prom ETC, ETC!!! Oh MY! What a pain in the tail, this was a lot of trouble, AND EXPENSE!

Finally the night of the prom arrived! Nervously, I walked up to my date’s house. Her little brother was there to give me a hard time, like all little brothers do. Her dad gave me “the EYE”. He remembered what it was like to be a teenage boy. Looking back on it, I am surprised he would even think about letting his daughter go out with me. Then there she was, standing there, a vision in chiffon and lace. Hurry, pin on the corsage, it went on the dress, not the arm in those days. I can tell you I sweat a lot during that moment. Then we were out the door, arm in arm and the everyday world was transformed to a magical time and place. Walking onto the dance floor with my date and thinking, “Wow, this goddess is with me!” A man remembers these things for a lifetime. Pat and Elaine, thanks for being part of this boomer’s memories.

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