Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer is Here (Unofficially)

Posted to OGR on 05/30/2010

Memorial Day Weekend is here and that means the 100 days of summer have arrived. For the purists out there, I know summer doesn’t officially arrive until 6:28 AM eastern time on June 21st but this is the weekend that most of us begin our summer activities in earnest. Bring on the baseball games and hot dogs, trips to the lake or the beach, and getting ready for that family vacation. Dress up in shorts and T-shirts and bring the white clothes and sandals out of the closet. The pace of life slows down just a little as we stop to taste the ice cream and smell the flowers. Life is good!

I remember celebrating the end of the school year and switching gears to that summer job. Most of my jobs provided the opportunity to listen to the radio while I worked. I believe that music plays a greater role in the life of the baby boomer than most of the generations that followed. Radio was the primary source for that music and there was nothing better than a great mix of happy summer music put together by a skilled deejay on a station that used a loose format. Each deejay’s mix was slightly different than the one that preceded or followed. Looking back, I think that is an important point. If a station plays the same format day in and day out, the audience gets bored with it. This is why Our Generation Radio has loose formatting. Each deejay’s show is different. And yet, our deejays all play the music from the soundtracks of our lives

Our Generation Radio remembers the meaning of Memorial Day. The day is set aside to remember the sacrifice of the service men and women who gave their lives in defense of our freedom. That fact was driven home to me twice; once when I stood on Omaha Beach on the coast of Normandy and then again when I visited the Arizona Memorial in Perl Harbor.

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