Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello November!

It’s All Saints’ Day, November 1st! Halloween is over and we are all recovering from our sugar high. Well around here it is gonna be a little higher than usual. The candy locker was all stocked up for a bunch of “trick or treaters” that never materialized last night. The grand total of ghosts and goblins totaled a resounding three. I remember when I was one of the rambling vagabonds out on “All Hallows Eve”, my goal was to score enough candy to make it until Christmas. Well, it looks like I did it again. Considering the greatly reduced rate of candy consumption around here, the supply just might make it until President’s Day. Good thing chocolate freezes well.

A quick glance out the studio window reveals a grey sky with a slight drizzle and a bunch of falling leaves. I think the lawn mower has seen its last action for the year. The leaf blower and rake are in the batter’s circle warming up for their time at the plate. Note, I didn’t say MY leaf blower and rake. They may bat in the lineup, but the clean up man is clearly my neighborhood yard guy and his crew. They can descend on my house and be done, paid and out of here in 30 minutes. This includes the roof, which used to be my domain up until a few years ago when I was banned from climbing any ladder over 2 feet tall. Such is the fate of any self respecting homeowner who reaches a certain age. So far in life I have had only one broken bone, a volleyball finger injury playing at an office picnic, and I want to keep it that way.

Today also marked the end of Daylight Saving Time and that meant an extra hour’s sleep because the clock was moving back an hour. But alas, it was not to be, my body clock had me wide awake staring at the clock even before my usual Sunday morning rising time. What a cruel joke, I was really tired after two weeks of office move where I consult. My FitBit was happy but my muscles and bones were not. Hopefully there is a nap in my future this afternoon.

I can’t believe that I am looking forward to a nap. How boring! I remember my Mom making us take naps in the afternoon, especially during the summer months when she really needed the break from having us all underfoot. But soon, I will be in my easy chair with the back tilted to the horizontal and the leg rest extended with one or two cats on my lap cranking out the “Z”s between times when one or the other dog stops by to check out my right ear. Sniff Sniff! As Jar Jar Binks said in the Star Wars movies; “How Wooood!”

There are a few things that need attending to before naptime; birthday and “on this day in history” research for tomorrow’s radio show along with a deep dive into the record library for that long lost oldie. Fortunately, I don’t have to build a playlist for the show. Like back in the day, I pull the records on the fly as the show goes. That gives me the freedom to follow where the music takes me. Not to mention the input from the audience in the form of requests. I love the spontaneity of that; especially when I can tie songs and artists together into a tapestry of music from the hallways of our memories. There is nothing like live radio!

So what do I do about my rainy Sunday? I want to see some sunshine. Wait, Sunday NFL Football. What’s on! Let’s see, nope, nope, oh wait Cincinnati at Pittsburg at sunny Heinz Field and the Steelers are wearing their retro striped uniforms, perfect! The bees are swarming! The nap can wait. Oh MY!

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